#BLACKandSTEM 11/06/14

Last week, the women shared our take on being #BLACKandSTEM and Woman.  And in #BLACKandSTEM and Woman news, Crazy @AuntLindsey was successful in raising funds for her show, The Fab Lab, surpassing her goal!

Today’s chat is about the men.

As a Black woman, I know that there are ways in which Black men contend with VERY different issues than Black women.  As the mother of a little boy, my concerns, precautions, and (sometimes) terrors are rooted in what I know of what Black men encounter in this world.  In STEM? I have been appalled at some of the stories I have heard and things I have witnessed happen to Black men.  But today’s chat isn’t one in which MY voice needs to be heard.

For today’s #BLACKandSTEM chat, the Men have the space to share and be heard.  To have their voices elevated and valued.  Make sure you use the #BLACKandSTEM hashtag.

Like last week, let’s start with two questions and let the conversation go from there:

  1. What are your experiences being a #BLACKandSTEM man?
  2. What are needs of #BLACKandSTEM men that are most overlooked?