#BLACKandSTEM 08/28/14

You walk, talk, dress, speak, or carry yourself a certain way.  You turn vernacular off and on.  You stay in constant awareness of your tone.  Even the way you laugh might be a little different depending on where you are.

These are all a part of the regular behavior for most human beings.  We adapt to the “norms” of the environments we are in.  We tailor our talk and dress for different environments.  It’s rational to an extent.  To an extent.  Because “norms” are not always right or rational.

We have talked about adjusting and code-switching.   We have discussed that fine line between adopting a certain manner in an environment in a way that is reasonably expected AND having to do too much in an environment that is just not inclusive.  We have talked about the pressure to remove a lot of who you are in order to be acknowledged and respected, and how acknowledgement and respect are not always extended.

“Respectability politics” is a phrase whose definition encompasses how people determine who is or is not worthy of respect.  As the well-degreed, proven to be intelligent and (UGH!) articulate, making contributions to advance society, thriving in environments in which few look like us – as the #BLACKandSTEM – I want to hear your stance on respectability politics.

Today’s question:  What is your stance on respectability politics?  How do they impacted you?

Remember to use the #BLACKandSTEM hashtag!

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#BLACKandSTEM 08/21/14

Today’s #BLACKandSTEM is a little lighter in nature.  In inspired by blog post’s by #BLACKandSTEM-er @GemoftheOcean today’s topic is having a social/love life as a #BLACKandSTEM-er!

Our social and love lives can encompass how we meet our need for companionship, manage stress, and add balance to our lives.  Juggles social and love lives can also come with difficulties for many reasons ranging from out work and school schedules to location and, even, our comfort with meeting new people.  We also deal with building and maintaining healthy relationships during periods of high stress and little free time.  We often say “no” to social and love lives in order to prioritize our work. 

Today’s question:  What has been your social/love life conundrum?

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08/14/14 #BLACKandSTEM

My social media accounts have been rightfully saturated with events surrounding the killing of a black teenager Michael Brown by a Ferguson, MO police officer.  The response to the killing has brought a number of social justice issues to the forefront.  What is happening now in a place – much like any other city in the US – that has a long, strong and deep-running history of injustice toward the black and the poor has been a catalyst for many to pose the question of:

How do we leverage our experiences, expertise, and access to resources to address the issues impacting the black community?

Answer in your own way.  Share the social justice issue important to you and what you think your (or our) contribution is and can be.