07/24 #BLACKandSTEM

This week’s #BLACKandSTEM features , geologist and educator, Ta-Shana Taylor and her physical science students!  Ms. Taylor also runs her own blog, blackgeoscientists.com.  Follow @TashanaTaylor and @BlackGeoRocks on twitter. 

Mrs. Wilson, Ms. Eckard, Mrs. Knox, Mr. Ray, Mrs. Hucks, Mrs. Sturdivant, Ms. Owens.  When I think of the teachers who had major impacts in my K-12 life, I find myself very grateful.  They made a difference.  Knowing my own journey to PhD candidacy in a STEM field, I am especially grateful to those teachers who sewed the seeds of science, math, and possibilities.

Here is the story of one of Tashana Taylor’s students:

One of the most influential teachers I have ever met has to have been my Pre-Calculus teacher Dr. Delva. During my junior year in high school I had no plans for graduation. The idea of attending college had not even crossed my mind. Dr. Delva had a goal for all of her students to achieve a secondary education. Not only did she promote intelligence and career advancement but she showed us the value of Greek life, social organizations, and philanthropy. Dr. Delva assisted me in the application process and even wrote me a few letters of recommendation. My new found passion to attend college had even allowed me to obtain higher grade letters in order to become a more competitive applicant. Thanks to Dr. Delva, a University of Florida Alumni, I will be attending the University of Florida spring of 2015! Teacher and student relationships can be the most life changing experiences and may even be necessary for K-12 students to become successful in today’s society. -S.S.

And more quotes from her class:

A percentage of students graduate without being proficient in math, science and engineering. Due to this wide range of problem, many students and [myself] owe it to the k-12 STEM teachers because of their on going influential academic supports that they provide to all students. – E.J.

…as I sat in my first science class in America, my teacher Mr. Ponkey automatically made me feel at ease. Not only did he go out of his way to make sure I didn’t get lost in the crowd, he also spoke my native language, French. It certainly took me a while to get accustomed but Mr. Ponkey offered to tutor me after school as well as spend one on one time with me during class to make sure I understood the material. He didn’t only help me succeed in English, but he also introduced me to the amazing field of science. – M.T. 

I, myself, on numerous occasions recall the struggles I endured in high school, trying just to understand the basics of Mathematics. As the struggle continued, it took a toll on my grades, many times leaving me to pass barely with a “C”. Until my senior year, I was given a math teacher by the name of Frantz Lalanne, who was determined to teach what many would not. – R.L.

For today’s #BLACKandSTEM, let’s share our stories on the K-12 teachers who influenced us and impacted our journeys to STEM.  Let’s engage with Ms. Taylor’s students and answer any questions they may have for us.

In addition to using the #BLACKandSTEM hashtag, Ms. Taylor’s students will use the #stu hashtag.  If you are an educator, encourage your students to participate also!


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