07/10/14 #BLACKandSTEM

You might be pulling your hair out over the state of our nation’s government.  Apparently, Congress is the most divided it’s ever been, which means that a lot of important legislation is stalled.  And, remember that shutdown last year?

These circumstances demand that we make our voices heard.

Today’s chat will focus directly on matters regarding STEM.

From attempts by Congress to regulate the peer review process to Supreme Court decisions that are based on a severe lack of knowledge of science and technology, there is a pressing need to make our voices heard – not just regarding policies that impact the Black community, but also, given our collective expertise, on policies that impact STEM overall.

We, the #BLACKandSTEM, have a lot on the table.

To start the converation, one question:  What STEM-related legislative action do you want to see passed or thwarted in Congress?

The goals of this chat are to:

  1. Share perspectives regarding legislation that impacts STEM fields including jobs, funding, regulation, etc
  2. Share opportunities for getting involved
  3. Enhance the understanding of our role in impacting policy at all levels and branches of government

Remember to use the #BLACKandSTEM hashtag!

One response to “07/10/14 #BLACKandSTEM

  1. Pamela McCauley

    I’d like to see more focus on STEM education at the community college level as some Black students are more likely to matriculate to these environments than universities.

    I’d also like to see high school programs that partner with community college through training programs that will allow seniors to graduate with a STEM certification and be employable.

    Finally, I’d like to see more emphasis on the part of African American leaders in Congress stressing funding for STEM education initiatives in minority communities. @DrPamMcCauley http://www.TransformingYourSTEMCareer.com

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