#BLACKandSTEM 06/12/14

There has been some ongoing interest (or debate, really), as of late, on the value and relevance of HBCUs.

Admittedly outdated data (more data, data) puts the percent of  bachelors degrees awarded to African Americans in STEM fields somewhere between 30-50% (range indicates modulation over the past 10 years).  HBCUs also appear to award STEM bachelors degrees to African American women at even higher percentages.  The majority of Black recipients of doctoral degrees earn bachelors from HBCUs, with ~30% of Black science and engineering doctoral graduates having bachelors degrees from HBCUs.  So the topic of HBCUs is very relevant to the #BLACKandSTEM community.

Today’s #BLACKandSTEM question:  Did you attend an HBCU? Why/why not?

Additional data on HBCUs:

Educational Outcomes at HBCUs

HBCU Productivity

NSF report on Women, Minorities and Persons with Disabilities

If you did attend an HBCU, consider filling your HBCU in on your successes.  Help them track the outcomes of their graduates.

Click here for storify.


One response to “#BLACKandSTEM 06/12/14

  1. Well, I’m afraid my answer is going to sound terribly snooty but, I didn’t attend an HBCU, and I didn’t want to. My experiences in all black institutions tended to be negative, so I steered clear of those colleges. It’s not that I don’t think I’m black, or hate my culture, etc, etc, but I found that the cliquish nature that pervaded these schools prevented me from making any connections or friends. My interests in the sciences, animals, and comic books, for some reason, left me isolated and made me the target of bullying. Back in the day when someone called me a ‘nerd,’ in the black community, it was an insult. The other students stayed away from me. Now everyone is so quick to adopt the ‘I’m a black nerd’ statement, yet I find that among the black community at my own university, I’m still the weirdo. :/. Hard to ignore the irony there.

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