04/17/14 #BLACKandSTEM

There are a lot of topics to talk about within #BLACKandSTEM: thesis writing, race and admissions, education, STEM policy, and whatever may be on the minds of this community.  Occasionally, it’s nice for #BLACKandSTEM to simply enjoy each other’s company.  Next, week’s #BLACKandSTEM will be about the writing process.

My algebra era:

When we were younger my three brothers and I were masters at building our music library in the most legit way possible:  sitting in front of a tape deck, fresh cassette loaded, with the radio tuned to our favorite station.  We were each locked and loaded; ready to press record when our favorite songs came on.  No iTunes, pandora, or spotify.  This was way before Napster or Limewire.  This was when remixes were actually remixed songs.  And, for me, when music and academics became intertwined.

Our cassette collections got us through chores and homework.

I took algebra in the 8th grade.  It was 1994-1995 and an awesome time in music.

Don’t believe me?



I was falling in love with STEM and this music was constantly in the background!

Today’s #BLACKandSTEM question is:  What was the soundtrack for your algebra era?  Tweet links to videos, too!

Click here for storify.


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