#BLACKandSTEM 3/27/14

Oxforddictionaries.com defines code-switching as “The practice of alternating between two or more languages or varieties of language in conversation”.  For many of us who are #BLACKandSTEM, code-switching involves, not just linguistics, but every category of adjustments that we make in order to operate in a certain environment. 

Today’s #BLACKandSTEM focuses on our experiences with code-switching. Share your stories, your code-switch translations, and your perceptions of the advantages and disadvantages of code-switching.

Digital extra credit for posting a meme or video that reflects your experiences with code-switching!

If you would like to remain anonymous, comment on this post.  I will not approve the post for public view.  I will be able to see it and I will share the story through the @BLACKandSTEM twitter handle.

Click here for storify. 

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