#BLACKandSTEM 3/27/14

Oxforddictionaries.com defines code-switching as “The practice of alternating between two or more languages or varieties of language in conversation”.  For many of us who are #BLACKandSTEM, code-switching involves, not just linguistics, but every category of adjustments that we make in order to operate in a certain environment. 

Today’s #BLACKandSTEM focuses on our experiences with code-switching. Share your stories, your code-switch translations, and your perceptions of the advantages and disadvantages of code-switching.

Digital extra credit for posting a meme or video that reflects your experiences with code-switching!

If you would like to remain anonymous, comment on this post.  I will not approve the post for public view.  I will be able to see it and I will share the story through the @BLACKandSTEM twitter handle.

Click here for storify. 

#BLACKandSTEM 03/20/14

Today’s #BLACKandSTEM is about one kind of impact we can have as a community.  Given discussions from previous weeks, it’s clear that, while there is value in having experiences with STEM growing up, not many children get to have those experiences.  Focusing on summer programs and camps, we will talk about what we can do to expose more black children to STEM.  For this week:

  1. Share summer programs and camps that you are aware of.  Include age groups, application deadlines, and links.  Hashtag city and/or state (thanks @DNLee5 for that advice).
  2. Include cost information, if it is available.
  3. Share ideas for identifying and reaching out to parents or guardians of children who may benefit.
  4. Share ideas for facilitating support of a child’s attendance.  For example: fundraising, mentoring, assisting with applications, advertising to local schools/churches, volunteering…
  5. Come up with ideas for ways that the kids can share their experiences.

Disclaimer:  This is not an attempt on the part of #BLACKandSTEM to raise money as an organization.  It is simply a dialogue and a challenge to #BLACKandSTEM-ers to facilitate exposure of black children to STEM.

Now, if you want to, yourself (or with friends, labmates, coworkers, etc.), financially support the attendance of a child (WHICH IS AMAZING!), I encourage you to communicate directly with the organization hosting the program/camp.  If you choose to do so, report back.  I’ll keep a tally of the number of kids who get to go to camp or program because of help from #BLACKandSTEM-ers.